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Banner Stands > Outdoor Stands
Features include:
  For indoor or outdoor promotional use Easily portable
  Designed to withstand windspeeds of 13+ mph High definition graphics
  Weather resistant PVC graphics  

General Information
.. Outdoor Stands

Outdoor bannerstand with
PVC graphic.

more info

Wind Dancer
4 metre tall portable
flag banner.

more info

Single or double sided
1500 x 2500mm graphic
water filled base.

more info

Monsoon Frame
Available from 2500 - 3000mm wide, 1000 to 1250mm high
Double sided frame.
From £195.00 (single sided)

more info

Lampost or wall mounted
PVC grapgic

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Zoom Feather
Portable flag display

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Zoom Quill
Portable flag display

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Banner Stands
Banner stands are probably the most widely used form of display stand, for very good reasons. The convenience of transport is unsurpassable, virtually all banner stands are supplied in carry cases with shoulder straps and handles. They can be carried on busses, trains even aeroplanes! Getting your display to the venue could not be easier.

Once there erecting the banner stand is simplicity itself, no tools or skills are required. Even someone who has never seen a banner stand will have an outstanding graphic display erected in a matter of minutes!

The variety of banner stands on offer is outstanding from simple budget roller banners to linkable tension stands and outdoor stands the range of formats and sizing on offer makes banner stands the most versatile and cost effective display solution. Sizes range from 400mm wide to potentially unlimited width with linkable units, heights range from 1 meter to 5 meters (available on some outdoor models) The only limit is your imagination!

Used in a wide range of locations for an equally wide range of purposes, banner stands are ideal for exhibitions, conferences, seminars, in-store displays, networking events, shopping centre promotions in fact any situation where a portable, fast assembly display is required.

Many accessories are available to enhance these displays including lighting, literature display, shelves and AV options.
Our staff will be more than happy to offer advice or to assist with your choice of stand. - See more information at ‘Banner Stand Choices
All our banner stands are supplied complete with full colour graphic. - See more information at ‘Banner Stand Graphics

Banner stands are sometimes referred to as ‘pop-up’ or ‘pull-up’ stands or ‘roller blinds’, ‘graphic cassettes’, ‘roller banners’ etc. They are all essentially the same product, which is a retractable or roll-able graphic in a lightweight portable base with a telescopic or folding pole.

Big Poster Company offer a wide range of banner stands from a selection of manufacturers including:- Ultima Displays, Plex, Nimlock, Nomadic, Clip, Framework Displays, Premier, Larsen, Marc Bric and many more.

Models in our range include:- Advance, Barracuda, Imagine, Discovery, Excalibur, Orient, Stretch, Eco, UB190, Mosquito, Rollow, Blade, Lightning, Uno, Pegasus, Boomerang, Vortex, Dash Mega, Blizzard, Hurricane, Storm, Wind Dancer, Maverick, Genie, Pod, Sidewinder, Omega, Snappy, Anaconda, Salamander, Opto, Twist, Travel twist, Retail Twist, Quickroll and Larsen RB850 to name just a small selection.

‘Easy-change’ Cassette Graphics
The ‘Easy-change’ cassette system allows the graphic to be changed in seconds, with no tools or skills required. With the graphic retracted simply open the housing flap in the base unit, lift out the cassette, pop in the new cassette, close the flap and your stand is once again ready for use!
This cassette system on banner stands can maximise the use of hardware, or allow you to change your stand image quickly and easily at an event to create maximum visual impact.

Outdoor Stands
Big Poster Company offer a range of stylish and portable outdoor stands. Banner or flag style displays, many with the option of graphics on both sides for 360 degree impact. To promote your product or service in any outdoor situation we have the outdoor stand to suit your requirement. See ‘Outdoor Stands

Outdoor Stand Graphics
Heavyweight 440gsm PVC, printed with solvent inks, is used to create the graphics for our range of outdoor stands. Outdoor stands with these tough long lasting graphics are a long term display solution for the outdoor environment.
From simple logo’s and text to eye-catching photo quality artwork, the images on our outdoor stands can work to sell your product. See ‘Outdoor Stands

Banner Stand Choices
Roller Banner Stands
Roller Banner Stands have a graphic attached to a spring loaded roller in the base. The graphic can be retracted into the base by simply unhooking from the top of the pole and allowing to gently roll up in the base using the spring tension. The poles are either a 3 part ‘bungee’ style pole or the more modern telescopic variety, both collapse to approximately the same length as the stand base, making transport and storage easy, all these stands are supplied in a carry case for convenience. The graphic on most these banner stands can be changed or replaced by us at a future date. See ‘Roller Banner Stands

Cassette Stands
Essentially a Roller Banner Stand but with the graphic contained within a removable cassette. This allows for quick change of image or the ability to have several pre-loaded cassettes utilising one base unit. No tools or skills required. See ‘Cassette Stands

Tension Stands
Simple frames to which the graphics hook on, the frames are normally made from tensioned rods which keep the graphic tightly in place. There are many varieties of tension stands available, some very large and others linkable to form large displays. Tension stands are very light, easy to erect and transport and offer a clean stylishly simple, yet effective, solution to graphic displays. See ‘Tension Stands

Outdoor Stands
To cope with the elements outdoor stands have graphics produced onto weatherproof PVC, most outdoor stands have weighted bases to resist the effects of wind. See ‘Outdoor Stands

Large Display Stands

Big Poster Company is proud to offer a range of different display solutions as alternatives to banner or pop-up stands. The selection includes wide and tall stands, linkable stands and some unique flexible solutions. See ‘Large Display Stands


Outdoor display stands
Outdoor banner stands are fast becoming the most popular medium for portable outdoor display stands. Our outdoor display stands are ideal for promotions, sponsorship, corporate and exhibition events. The flexibility of our outdoor display stands gives durability and strength for areas subject to extreme weather conditions and frequent use.

Event Displays
Display stands can be used in almost any location for any application. Display stands change messages based on the mission. Display stands attract customers and inform them of promotions. Display stands create interest with add on panels to entice your target audience. Specifically designed for indoor and outdoor promotions or high traffic areas of display. New Portable Outdoor Display Range This year our outdoor portable display stand range will allow you to
maximise your outdoor event, occasion and sponsorship opportunities. These outdoor display stands obviously require compatible display graphics and we can supply outstanding display stand print solutions for you. We sell a wide variety of display stands that are designed to meet your
every need.