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Exhibition Advice
A3M Designs has over 20 years experience in the print sector. The knowledge built up over this period of time is what we use to base our advice and recommendations on. Please feel free to browse the hints and tips in the following sections to help you achieve the best return on your investment when considering exhibiting at a show or using display graphics and equipment.
Click on the links below for detailed information and advice on specific subjects :-

Exhibitions – Aims and Goals
Choosing an Event
Measuring Success
Cost of Exhibiting
At the Exhibition
Exhibition & Display Graphics
Exhibition Display Choices
Portable Display Stands
Banner Stands
Pop-up Stands
Panel Graphics
Rollable Graphics
PVC Banners

Exhibitions – Aims and Goals - Back to top
Attending a trade show or exhibition is a considerable investment in terms of time and resources, as well as monetary cost, a significant return is vital to the success of your event. Exhibiting is not something that should be viewed in isolation, but as part of an overall marketing strategy; attending trade shows and exhibitions can be a profitable route to market for a wide range of industries and business sectors.

Trade shows and exhibitions are generally short term events, lasting just a few days. In that short time a large number of exhibitors and potential customers are brought together. Weather you are looking to make direct sales at the show or generate leads for future follow up it’s worth bearing in mind that almost _ of visitors to trade shows intend to purchase at the show or to identify the product or services they need for a purchase in the near future . The vast majority of visitors are decision makers within their organisations, and these people are in a receptive frame of mind – they have come to you!

Choosing an Event - Back to top
The first step on the road to successful exhibiting is to pick the event to attend, use the following tips to guide you through the process:-
Most shows and events are supported by websites; use this resource to investigate a specific shows history, with special attention to visitor and exhibitor figures.
Small local shows can offer as big a return ratio as larger national events. And can be useful as a low budget rehearsal before attending a bigger event.
Is the show well publicised, will it attract potential customers for your company?
If your industry has a trade magazine contact them for information on shows.
The bigger the show, the higher the visitor count. This is offset by larger numbers of exhibitors.
Do your competitors attend; regular attendance would indicate positive results, again check the show history for past exhibitor lists.
Speak to your existing customers, suppliers and competitors – are they aware of the event and what is their opinion of the show?
Be aware of options when booking – Early bookings will allow greater choice of position whilst late bookings will potentially allow you to negotiate a discount. Remember that positioning can make a huge difference to the success of your show. Also never be afraid to haggle over stand space pricing – there’s always a deal to be done.
Make sure you know exactly what is included in the cost (see Cost of Exhibiting)

Measuring Success - Back to top
Once you have decided to use exhibiting as a marketing tool it is important to measure the success of that event. To do this a benchmark must be set prior to the show, this can be a specific number of sales or firm leads, a quantity of demonstrations carried out or a specific amount of sales generated in a timeframe following the show.

A vital aspect of measuring success is data collection, storage and management. Many leads generated at a show may take time to come to fruition so you need to keep track of where and when contact was made. Many shows offer bar-code scanners to simplify and speed up the capture of visitor data, when these systems are set up and used to their full potential leads can be segregated into many desired categories, and missing data is kept to a minimum.

Special show only offers or vouchers for future use, that are only available at the show, can help track sales origins.
Many customers value an invite to visit your stand at a show, potentially saving you the cost of visiting them!

Marketing a new product launch can be a costly business, timing this to happen at an exhibition can jump start the process. The ability to reach a large targeted, receptive, audience can often offset the entire exhibition budget leaving everything else as a bonus.

Cost of Exhibiting - Back to top
In order to measure the performance of your event it is important to establish the costs, an early understanding of potential outlay will be useful to set a realistic budget to assist with setting an achievable and meaningful goal.
Exhibition space – Negotiate for the best deal or position. Booking early will allow the best choice of position, booking late will secure the most advantageous prices. Space is normally costed per square meter; check what is included in the price.
Exhibition Stands – Choose your display equipment or method with care, costs vary greatly depending on the stand hardware.
Graphic Design – This can be done in-house for economy, although professional designs can add impact to the display.
Electric hook up – Service supplied by the event organisers, normally as an additional cost.
Lighting – As for electrics, normally an additional cost from show organisers.
AV/IT – Electronic equipment can usually be hired from the show organisers, check compatibility with your own kit prior to ordering.
Scanners – useful devices available at some events to capture visitor data quickly, by scanning bar-code badges.
Event Organisers – with all services purchased from the organisers pay attention to order deadlines, late orders for electrics, furniture etc can attract considerable surcharges.
Literature – If large amounts of literature are to be distributed this can add considerably to costs. Also remember to budget for literature display stands and storage.
Furniture – Can normally be hired from show organisers, or purchased from your stand provider.
Transport – Allow costs for transport to and from the show for the stand hardware, literature and any stock or products you take.
Staff – In addition to wages it is common to incur additional expense for travel, food, accommodation, parking etc. Remember to factor in any additional staff you hire for temporary cover while your staff are at the show.
Insurance – You will need check that your policy covers goods at the show also liability cover for your staff and third parties. This may involve a premium top-up.
After Show Costs – You may incur costs from the show organisers if your stand area suffers damage or unwanted material is abandoned on-site. Adhesive residue or tape on stand walls can be considered damage by some event organisers, and you may receive an invoice for cleaning. Check your stand area carefully before leaving.

At the Exhibition - Back to top
Exhibitions and trade shows are the ideal environment to launch new or upgraded products, meet potential customers or clients, cement existing relationships, raise brand awareness and generally raise the profile of your company within its market sector.
With the average visitor, once the look of your stand area and graphics has secured their undivided attention you will have a window of opportunity lasting approximately 3 minutes, after this time if they are not hooked they will start to feel trapped and look for excuses to leave.

Make sure you can deliver your message within this short time frame. Point out the features and benefits of your product or service, how will they help the customer? What problems can you solve for the customer?
If you are demonstrating a product, keep the demonstration short and simple. Practice until it is perfect, have an alternate back-up in place to cope with emergencies. Consider a hands-on demonstration to allow the customer to get involved with the product.

Exhibition & Display Graphics - Back to top
At trade shows and exhibitions you have a brief window of opportunity that lasts mere seconds. In that short space of time the interest of a potential client must be captured and their desire to know more fuelled. Good graphics are a useful tool to achieve that goal – the rest is up to you!

Consider carefully the placement of graphics within the stand space, they need to stand out from a distance and not be obscured by sales staff or products.

Keep text to a minimum, use headline or bullet point text to promote questions and create interest. Remember if you try and get all the information on display, you take away the need for direct contact. Creating a question will give you an insight into the visitors needs, allowing you to provide the solution to their problems.

High quality thought provoking images will catch the attention and increase interest.
If possible use a professional graphic designer for the creation of your graphics.
We can assist with the design process, or pass on advice and specifications to your chosen designer.
Exhibition and display graphics are an investment, if possible keep the artwork to a generic format. The graphics can then be used at several shows or events, maximising return.

Exhibition Display Choices - Back to top
The choices and options available to the exhibitor seem to be overwhelming and confusing. To give you the best chance at making the right decisions we have compiled some advantages and disadvantages relating to the types of display on offer.
Please do not hesitate to call us for advice, we will be happy to guide you through some of these choices personally if you so desire. Tel 02392 463852.

Exhibition Area.
Choices can vary from show to show but most major exhibitions and trade shows will offer a choice between ‘Space only’ and ‘Shell scheme’ options. Space only areas are just that, a space to exhibit, quite often with no floor covering included. Shell schemes offer walls, carpet and normally a header with the company name on. Check if the shell scheme has fabric lined walls.
Shell scheme areas can have 1, 2 or 3 open sides. Corner situations with 2 open sides are very sought after.
Some smaller venues offer a simple ‘table top’ stand, which will normally include space for a banner stand or similar display.

Custom Build Stands.
These professionally designed and constructed displays will give a polished high end look to an exhibition space. Bespoke designs created individually to suit your needs, Custom Build Stands are at the pinnacle of the exhibition field. Most often used in conjunction with ‘Space only’ areas.
If your budget and expected return will warrant the expense please call us to discuss your options. You will be very closely involved in the whole design process; the stand will be your stand!

Modular Stand Systems.
To achieve the high end look and feel of a Custom Build stand there are several Modular Systems on the market, backed with full CAD design services these are a viable alternative to limit the budget and still wow the visitors. Some of these systems come with installation and hire options others are aimed at the exhibitor looking for a self-assembly solution. Can be used with ‘Space only’ or ‘Shell scheme’ options.

Portable Display Stands - Back to top
A portable stand offers the user many advantages over Custom Build or Modular System Stands. The lower price tag means much lower initial investment costs. Ideal for a ‘Shell scheme’ booth
Production times are also shorter, much of the hardware is kept in stock, and designs are created on templates, reducing all aspects of production time. Some display stands can be produced in a matter of days.
Installation and erection is easy and quick with portable stands, they are designed with ease of use in mind. This can reduce the time and skill levels required at point of display.
Portable displays are flexible enough to be used in any number of situations and environments, enabling you to re-use equipment and graphics time and time again.
Transport costs are kept to a minimum due to the compact size, and low weight, of dismantled stands. Most portable display equipment can be transported by car.

Portable Display Options.
Portable display stands come in a variety of shapes, formats, sizes and styles. This bewildering array of options can be confusing to the inexperienced exhibitor, but the right choice is vital to ensuring that you get a stand that suits your requirements and budget!
To simplify the choices, portable displays can be broken down into the following categories:-

Banner Stands
Pop-up Stands

Panel Displays

Roll-able Graphics

All the various elements can be used as display solutions on their own; although in most cases a combination of elements can achieve the best results, depending on venue and space. Contact our experienced sales staff on 02392 463852, for advice on the best graphics and equipment for specific situations.

Banner Stands - Back to top
The compact nature and low weight of banner stands make them the ideal solution for displays with limited space or budget; they are also the easiest form of display stand to transport. Most come in a shoulder bag which can be taken on public transport if required.

Banner stands come in a range of formats to suit individual needs:-
Roller Banner Stands
Cassette Banner Stands
Tension Banner Stands
Outdoor Banner Stands

Roller banner Stands
Roller Banner Stands have a graphic attached to a spring loaded roller in the base. The graphic can be retracted into the base by simply unhooking from the top of the pole and allowing to gently roll up in the base using the spring tension. The poles are either a 3 part ‘bungee’ style pole or the more modern telescopic variety, both collapse to approximately the same length as the stand base, making transport and storage easy, all these stands are supplied in a carry case for convenience. The graphics on most of these banner stands can be changed or replaced by us at a future date.

Cassette banner Stands
Essentially a Roller Banner Stand but with the graphic contained within a removable cassette. This allows for quick change of image or the ability to have several pre-loaded cassettes utilising one base unit. No tools or skills are required for graphic change.

Tension Banner Stands
Simple frames to which the graphics hook onto, the frames are normally made from tensioned rods which keep the graphic tightly in place. There are many varieties of tension stands available, some very large and others linkable to form large displays. Tension stands are very light, easy to erect and transport. They offer a clean and stylishly simple, yet effective, solution to graphic displays.

Outdoor Banner Stands.
These are generally a form of Tension Stand designed from weatherproof materials. To cope with the elements outdoor stands have graphics produced onto heavyweight PVC. Most outdoor stands have weighted bases to resist the effects of wind. These bases are normally filled with water, so can be emptied to reduce transport weights.

Pop-up Stands - Back to top
Pop-up stands, also referred to as pop-up systems or pop-up frames, are one of the most popular forms of large graphic display hardware. The erected stand creates an almost seamless wall of graphics in a matter of minutes.

The basis for all pop-up stands is a lightweight frame made from tubular aluminium components. The collapsible frame is easily erected by pulling upright into shape, most modern frames have fully magnetic fastenings so once upright they will simply ‘click’ into place. Graphic location bars are then clipped into place, again magnetically attached for ease of use. All pop-up stands supplied by A3M Designs feature fully magnetic frame components. Once the framework is ready the graphic panels can be fitted to the front of the stand, or both sides in the case of a double sided display. The top of each graphic panel is fitted with a ‘header’ which will have a clip-on or magnetic fastener (depending on model); this locates the top of the panel. The sides are fitted with magnetic tape which locates onto the magnetic graphic locator bars. Once all graphic panels are in place the stand needs only the addition of lights if these are to be used.

Models including the ‘Xpress’ and ‘Spyder’ with magnetic fastening headers are easier to use, and give a small margin for graphic adjustment, than those with clip-on on headers such as the ‘Quick’.

Some higher spec stands are made with ‘cross-braced’ frames, this makes the pop-up stand more rigid and better able to cope with slightly uneven surfaces, the ‘Spyder’ is a cross-braced stand. Unless this is a specific requirement the added cost of cross braced frames is usually unappealing as the benefits are only marginal in terms of performance when thick “3 Part” graphics are used.

Pop-up stands are available in a range of sizes from desktop promoter units to huge linked display modules.
Standard kits are described by size ratio. (ie 3x3, 3x4 etc) And are available curved or straight.
This size terminology is derived from the construction of the basic framework.
The most popular size is a ‘3x3’ stand, approximately 70% of the pop-up stands we provide are this size. The second most common being the slightly bigger ‘3x4’ stand. Smaller and larger stands are used, but not frequently.
Pop-up stand frames are constructed in square sections, called ‘Quads’. These are built up into the desired size at point of manufacture. (sizes cannot be increased later by adding Quads) So a 3x3 stand is made up of a frame 3 Quads high by 3 Quads across.

Different models and manufacturers of pop-up stands use slightly differing sized Quads, so this size is not a ‘measurement’ however it does determine the number of graphic panels needed. Each Quad stack will have one graphic panel in front of it; an extra panel is used at each end of the frame as an end cap on most pop-up stands. Hence a 3x4 stand will have 4 central panels and 2 end caps. For precise dimensions of each stand please refer to data sheets specifically for each model.

Please see the diagram below for information.

Graphic panels, or ‘drops’ as they are sometimes referred to are 600 to 700mm wide and between 200 and 2400mm high depending on which model is used.
These graphic panels can be produced in several ways, but only two methods give really satisfactory results.
Using a “2 Part” system the artwork is printed onto a polyester media with a built in stoplight, this is then protected with a cold seal over laminate. This is a quick, easy and cost effective process.

At A3M Designs we only use the more traditional “3 Part” method. Using high quality 190gsm photobase paper we can achieve unsurpassable print quality. This print is then sandwiched between a 220 micron stoplight and a 150 micron textured matt laminate. The lamination process is heat activated, indelibly bonding the three layers into a thick, strong and durable graphic.
Whilst both these methods are perfectly acceptable, and will produce visually identical results, the “3Part” system produces thicker more durable graphics. These heavyweight graphic panels are more resistant to damage and also easier to mount to the stand as they are more rigid. Once on the stand our graphics actually increase the structural integrity of the frame, vital if the floor is slightly uneven, thinner graphics can be prone to a ripple effect on uneven surfaces.

All pop-up stands supplied by A3M Designs are erected and inspected prior to despatch. The process to erect pop-up stands is fairly simple, but please do not hesitate to contact our team on 02392 463852 if you encounter any difficulties using the equipment. Once your stand is up please take a few seconds to make minor adjustments to the graphics to achieve that perfect line-up.

Panel Graphics - Back to top

Rigid display panels or boards are an easy, cost effective way to put your brand on an exhibition space. Graphic panels can be used with great success to line the walls of shell scheme booths or as infill panels in conjunction with modular systems.
The panels can be attached to walls with Velcro style fastenings, attachment to fabric lined walls is simplicity itself.
High quality print is laminated to foamex or similar display board, usually 3 or 5mm thick. Outdoor panels can be created using self-adhesive vinyl print.
With all rigid panels care needs to be taken with transport and storage, consider purchasing padded carry cases to transport your boards. These cases can be custom made to suit your display panels.

Rollable Graphics - Back to top
Rollable graphics can be produced as low budget laminated posters, which for some events are all that is required. Higher image quality and a more professional look can be achieved with polyester media with built in stoplight. To get the best impact from rollable graphics, and the longest life, the use of a 3 part heatsealed semi-rigid graphic is recommended.
The convenience of a rollable graphic is paramount when considering transport costs. They are compact, lightweight and easy to install.

PVC Banners - Back to top
The major advances in solvent print technology now allow the PVC banner to be economically digitally printed. Full colour, almost photographic, quality artwork can be reproduced on PVC banners.
PVC banners have long been a cost effective medium for outdoor promotions. The ease of use and transport make them ideal for temporary or more permanent displays, portable or static frames can be used to hang the banners.
PVC graphics can also be used as part of indoor display stands; the material is tough and durable so will last from season to season. Some portable stands and modular systems can be combined with PVC graphics to great effect.

Our Service to Customers
Our aim, at A3M Designs, is to provide you with the best possible return on your investment, using the following points as a guideline we ensure complete customer satisfaction, which is our best route to future business opportunities and the wider spread, and enhancement, of our good reputation.
We provide the highest standard of service to our customers.
Friendly helpful staff to assist in all aspects of the design/print process.
Our wide range of capabilities makes us a ‘one stop shop’ for all you exhibiting needs.
Place your trust in A3M Designs, the proof is in the printing!Products sourced from reputable suppliers of proven reliability.
The majority of hardware supplied is covered by a 10 year manufacturers guarantee.
Media is sourced from only a few suppliers, to ensure quality and consistency of print.
We use genuine inks in our inkjet printers.
Finishing consumables are sourced from leading suppliers, performance is guaranteed.

Competitive pricing.

We aim to provide value for money.
You may find lower prices, but not the same quality of products and service.
We will do our level best to match any ‘like for like’ quote . Or give you a reasonable justification for not doing so. (This may be down to material or hardware quality issues, as we will not compromise on quality to reduce pricing.)
Whilst we do offer a full design service, from simple lay-up of supplied elements to the creation of conceptual ideas and style, we are happy to work with files created by yourselves or 3rd party designers. We will offer advice and help wherever possible to assist you in the design process. In many cases we can supply templates for artwork creation.
If you are supplying files it is important to make sure that the format, size, proportion and resolution is appropriate for the end use, we can offer advice on this.

Fast Turnaround.
No matter what the occasion or event exhibitors seem to thrive on last minute decisions and orders! At A3M Designs we endeavour to work within your deadline, however short that may be, do not hesitate to ask, you may be surprised at what can be achieved in a short time. We keep a large selection of hardware in stock and can supply banner and Pop-up stands to order very quickly if required. However to keep stress to a minimum and to avoid falling foul of ‘Murphys Law’ please allow as much time as possible to complete print projects.

Exhibition Venue Contact Details.

The following details are some of the more popular venues for exhibitions and trade shows. Local shows can be held in large hotels, sports grounds and public rooms. We have sought to include as much information as possible with regard to the larger venues.
London exhibition and trade show venues

Olympia Exhibition & Conference Centre
Hammersmith Road
London, Greater
W14 8UX
Phone:0207 385 1200
Fax:020 7370 8223
View map:
3 exhibition halls and a purpose-built conference centre, is London's busiest exhibition centre hosting around 160 events and attracting over one million visitors annually. Easily accessible by road, rail, and air, and located in Kensington West London.

Earls Court Exhibition
& Conference Centres
Earls Court Exhibition Centre
Warwick Road
London, Greater
Phone:+44 (0)207 385 1200
Fax:+44 (0)020 7370 8144
View map:
Hosts over 100 shows, attracting around two million visitors each year. Based in the heart of West London, Earls Court is easily accessible from Heathrow Airport.

Wembley Conference & Exhibition Centre
Elvin House
Stadium Way
London, Greater
Phone:+ 44 (0)020 8902 8833
Fax:+44 (0)020 8585 3879
View map:
London's largest conference and exhibition centre. 20 separate meeting rooms.17,000 square meters of purpose built exhibition space in 3 halls Excellent road, rail and air links and 3,000 car parking spaces on site.


Aberdeen Exhibition Centre Bridge of Don,
Aberdeen Scotland
AB23 8BL
Tel: 01224 824 824 Fax: 01224 825 276
Alexandra Palace
Wood Green London
N22 4AY
Tel: 020 8365 2121 Fax: 020 8883 3999

Barbican Centre
Tel 020 7638 4141 Fax: 020 7638 7237

Bournemouth Int. Centre
Exhibition and Corporate Sales
Exeter Road
Tel: 01202 456 400 Fax: 01202 456 500

Brighton Centre
Kings Road Brighton
Tel: 01273 290 131 Fax: 01273 779 980

Bristol & Bath Exhibition Centre

214 - 224 Broomhill Road
Tel: 0117 977 8600 Fax: 0117 972 0500

Business Design Centre
52 Upper Street
Islington Green
Tel 020 7359 3535 Fax: 020 7288 6446

Cardiff International Arena
Mary Ann Street
Tel : 029 20234 500 Fax: 029 20234 501

Devonshire Park Centre
Eastbourne Tourism & Leisure Dept.
College Road,
East Sussex
BN21 4JJ
Tel 01323 415 437 Fax: 01323 638 686

Doncaster Exhibition Centre
Leger Way
Tel 01302 321 483 Fax: 01302 323 271

Donington Exhibition Centre
Donington Park
Castle Donington
DE74 2RP
Tel 01332 812 919 Fax: 01332 811 647

Earls Court
Warwick Road
Tel 020 7385 1200 Fax: 020 7385 7030
Earls Court Int. Hotel
47 Lillie Road
Tel 020 7385 1255 Fax: 020 7381 4450

East Midlands Exhibition Centre
Conference Office
University Park
Tel 0115 951 5000/3 Fax: 0115 942 2526

E16 1XL
Tel 020 7476 0101 Fax: 020 7476 1818

Excelsior Hotel
Abbotsinch Road
Glasgow Airport
Tel 0141 887 1212 Fax: 0141 777 733

G-MEX Centre
The G-MEX Centre
M2 3GX
Tel 0161 834 2700 Fax: 0161 833 3168

Grosvenor House
Park Lane,
Tel 020 7499 6363Fax: 020 7493 3341 ,

Harrogate International Centre
King's Road
North Yorkshire
Tel 01423 500 500 Fax: 01423 537 210

Holiday Inn,
Swiss Cottage
128 King Henry's Road
Tel 020 7722 7711 Fax: 020 7586 5822

Holiday Inn Reading
Richfield Avenue
Caversham Bridge,
Tel 01734 391 818 Fax: 01734 391 665

Hospitality Inn
36 Cambridge Street
G2 3HN
Tel 0141 332 3311 Fax: 0141 332 4050

Imperial Hotel North
Tel 01253 623 971 Fax: 01253 751 784

The IIC - International Convention Centre
Broad Street
B1 2EA
Tel 0121 200 2000 Fax: 0121 643 0388 Arena
E14 9TH
Tel 020 7538 8880 Fax: 020 7538 5572

Hilton Metropole Hotel
King's Road
Tel 01273 775 432 Fax: 01273 207 764

NAC Stoneleigh Park
Stoneleigh Park
Tel 01203 535 711 Fax: 01203 696 900

National Exhibition Centre
B40 1NT
Tel 0121 780 4141 Fax: 0121 767 3815

Norbreck Castle
Queens Promenade
Tel 01253 352 341 Fax: 01253 592 471

North East Exhibition Centre
High Gosforth Park
Tel 0191 236 2020 Fax: 0191 236 7761

Hammersmith Road
W14 8UX
Tel 020 7603 3344 Fax: 020 7598 2500

Riviera Centre
Chestnut Avenue
Tel 01803 299 992 Fax: 01803 212 827

Royal Bath & West Showground
Shepton Mallet
Tel 01749 822 200 Fax: 01749 823 169

Royal Highland Centre
EH28 8NF
Tel; 0131 335 6216 Fax: 0131 335 5236

Sandown Exhibition Centre
Sandown Park Racecourse
Sandown Park,
KT10 9AJ
tel 01852 467 540 Fax: 01852 465 205

Scottish Exhibition Centre
G3 8YW
Tel 0141 248 3000 Fax: 0141 226 3423

Sheffield Arena
Broughton Lane
S9 2DF
Tel 0114 256 5505 Fax: 0114 256 5520

Telford International Centre

St. Quentin Gate
Tel 01952 281 500 Fax 01952 281 567

The King's Hall Royal Agricultural Society

Tel 028 90665 225 Fax: 028 90661 264

The Royal Horticultural Halls
Horticultural Halls Ltd 80
Vincent Square
Tel 020 7828 4125 Fax: 020 7834 2072

The Wintergardens
Church Street
Tel01253 625 252 Fax: 01253 751 204

Three Counties Showground
Blackmore Park Road
Malvern Worcs.
WR13 6NW
Tel 01684 892 751 Fax: 01684 892 751

University of Leeds
(Conference Office)
Tel 0113 233 6100 Fax: 0113 233 6107

Wembley Exhibition Centre
Empire Way
Tel 020 8902 8833 Fax: 020 8585 3879

Westpoint Exhibition Centre
Clyst St. Mary
Tel 01392 446 000 Fax: 01392 445 843


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